Happy Mother's Day

We all know that feeling  

That feeling of dread

Caused by six simple words

“When mom finds out I’m dead”

Chandler Kirby


It’s a sight to see

On those rare occasions

When a curfew is broken

Or a bold liberty is taken


Fearing mom is a rite of youth  

The lady clearly has clout

She’s the one who brought you in this world

So she can also take you out


But when we are young we don’t realize  

That our fear is mistaken

For a whole different emotion

That comes with the age

That comes with the realization

Of all of the days


Mom never got tired  

Mom never got bored

Mom sparked the curiosity

That wants to explore our world


See that fear that we had?

It was completely wrong

We were too young to realize

It was respect all along


So here’s to you Mom  

For all of those years

For taking care of the scrapes

For wiping away tears


I don’t remember it all  

But I sure am lucky

To have someone like you

Be the first person to love me


You carried me for 9 months  

And I never knew

You raised me my whole life

And helped all my dreams come true


Remember when I was little?  

And bed time was the best?

I’d ask for a story

And you’d take care of the rest


You’d take me places

Through words I didn’t comprehend

And you’d smile so patiently

When I asked for them again


You pushed me to be curious  

To be the best version of myself

To be boldly who I am

And accept nothing else


My childhood flew by

And then middle school came

And you would still fuss

About wearing a jacket in the rain


Because you didn’t want me to get sick   

To come down with the flu

But if I did, you went right to work

Because that’s what you do


I thought I had it together  

I thought I knew it all

Yet you let me learn my lessons

And still picked me up when I’d fall


First kiss

First fight  

First drive  

First date

First dance

First steps  

First night out too late


Through all of the memories  

You never missed a minute

You’re the real star of my show

Even if you aren’t always in it


I grew

I’ve grown

And I will grow more

And I owe it all to you

For opening every door


When I left home for college

That’s when you cried

You couldn’t hide the emotion

But you sure tried


And from then I’ve realized just how much you’ve done


I never really stop and think

About one simple fact

You carried me for nine full months

As I was breaking your back

And making you work

And care for not one, but two

Which alone is a feat I could never do

And after that you didn’t stop

Your role had just started

You had to take on all the responsibilities

That a child imparted

It was daycare and practice and play dates too

It was stages and phases and trying to be cool

I took over your world

How selfish of me?

Because you gave me this world

And everything I see

And you did it with grace

With love

With care

And I took over your world,

How is that fair?


So the least I can do

Is to do as you taught

To be kind and loving

And to do it a lot

To throw myself in my interest and find my passion

To be accepting of all people in all fashions

To live out my life to such a degree

That I inspire others, like you did for me


So because of your efforts

I am able to dream

I am able to wish

That I put a smile on your face

Because all of this,

I wrote for my mother

To tell her that I love her

And that the debt that I owe her

Could never be recovered


Happy Mother’s Day


Dez Fleming

Cornell University CO ‘17